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Director's Statement

As a woman, a single mother, and an immigrant, I've had a number of feelings about society, children, and future generations. 
Around the world, and recently in the United States, various harrowing stories of family separations and governments seizing children is something that troubles me. This short film is the result of those feelings. 

I quickly became inspired to show some of my visual imagination surrounding this character driven story, and I loved that it was sci-fi, as I haven't seen many short films in that genre. 
My co-writer and producer, Erin Dignam, brought Trevor Jackson and Dylan Penn on board, and we further created the nuances of the story around them and their characters as “Rekker” and “Ata”. I've been truly honored to make a movie with people I admire so much. 

Ultimately, I think the film we made explores questions and factors many of us ask ourselves or deal with on a daily basis. The idea of someone vs. who they really are. Digital connection vs. human. Love vs. safety. 

Furthermore, I think the end of the movie will hopefully leave people considering the characters and the decisions that were made, and whether they agree with them or not. 
I hope people consider those decisions themselves after the film has ended.

-Sophia Banks

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