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Trevor Jackson

Trevor needs no introduction, having starred in films like Superfly and Burning Sands as well as TV shows like Grownish. His performance as the charismatic and resistive Rekker in Unregistered is nothing less than captivating. An artist and talent who knows no bounds, Trevor’s music career has garnered him just as many fans as his acting

Dylan Penn

Dylan Penn - One may recognize that face from her modeling career and recent other roles, but after studying and apprenticing as a writer and actor, it’s this breakout performance in “Unregistered” that will surely give all a taste of what’s to come for this talented young force. 

David Lee Smith

A legendary character actor, who understandably can be found in pretty much every one of David Fincher's films, David was a lucky get for us as the father, as we knew he would be to bring so much story into a limited amount of time.

Sophia Banks


This is Sophia’s first Narrative short film as a director.


Sophia got her start in fashion campaigns that broke the mold of societal “norms” - as shown in her award-winning short for Vogue and Christian Siriano Making it on Time. She continued to show her versatility with going on to direct commercials and projects for major name-brands such as: Dell, BMW, Pepsi, Doritos and FORD.


Sophia’s intensive training and skillset in VFX drew her to the Sci-Fi genre where she helped to  push the envelope with cutting-edge film techniques in order to bring the vision of the film to life.

With this being her next passion-project, Sophia is dedicated to creating a voice for female film-makers across all genres.


Paul Cameron

The legendary Paul Cameron is best known for his work as the DP of unforgettable projects such as: Collateral, Westworld and Man on Fire. With Paul’s extensive background in VFX he was drawn to this particular film for its unique story and its futuristic setting in a utopian world eerily close to a world we may be heading towards in our current political and social climate.

Edited By:

Howard Smith   

Visual Effects Supervisor:

Ivy Agregon   

Music Composed By:

Liam  O’Neill   

Consulting Producer:

Christoph Roth

Executive Producers:

Andrew Banks

Taron Lexton

Nathan Lorch

Milena Ferreira

Karen Lavender


J. Luke Watson

Erin Dignam

Kim Winther

Peter  Winther

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